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Whether it’s paint, red wine, coffee or makeup or any other stain that will make you raise to google to check carpet cleaner Glasgow - we can guarantee that our team will try our best to remove every stain. We know how it feels - you’re scrubbing and scrubbing but the stain just doesn’t want to come out. In these times, it’s best to get some help from an expert. We can remove your hard stains whilst still maintaining the quality of the fabric and leaving it looking like nothing had ever happened.

If you have spilt something on your carpet or furniture that you’re afraid will stain – it’s best not to leave it too long before you call us or spend a lot of time checking for carpet cleaner Glasgow leads online. Leaving the stain for a long period of time will make it much harder to remove as it will be fully absorbed by the fabric and therefore will go deeper into the material – making it harder for us to get to.

You can always try and remove it yourself first, but when you notice that it’s not coming out as easily as you thought, you should try and resist scrubbing too much. By using aggressive actions on delicate materials, it can damage them long term and whilst you won’t be left with a stain, you will be left with a patch of damaged fabric either on your carpet or furniture.

We use techniques designed for the specific fabric to ensure that we remove the stain but also leave it looking untouched afterwards. If you have a stubborn stain that you can’t seem to get rid of, contact our team for our help. If you are aware of what the stain is, please let us know as this will give us a better idea of what we will need to do and use. As well as this, please let us know what material the stain is on as this will tell us if it is a delicate material or not because we are the best stain removal company in Glasgow.

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Carpets As Good As New

My husband booked Perfect Clean to clean our rental property carpets after tenant trashed them. Tremendous result. We didn’t think the carpets would have looked Like that again. Will be using you in the future.

Karen Brown Glasgow

Carpet Cleaning Professionals

Excellent Service from the guys and girls at perfect clean. From the first phone call I was sure we had the right company for our carpet cleaning needs. Carpet was cleaned and stains removed in less than an hour. Great job thank you

Michelle Hadley, Glasgow

Very Pleased With The Professional Service

Very pleased with Perfect Clean very professional service and high quality of work. Paul done an excellent job cleaning our sofa. We will see you again in six months.

Kathleen Davies