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Whether you have guests coming to your home or your business, there is no doubt that you’ll want to create a warm and welcoming space guaranteed to impress. That first impression can make all the difference in having returning guests or customers after all. Having a clean carpet or rug can help produce a great ambiance for visitors arriving to your property. However, it is also true that having an unclean rug or carpet can greatly hinder the look of your living room or foyer. Here at Perfect Clean, we offer professional rug cleaning in Elderslie to both domestic and commercial properties looking to create that perfect atmosphere required for a fantastic first impression.

A well patterned, clean rug is a relatively inexpensive method of sprucing up a space. When choosing the perfect rug for your room, it is important to take note of how they’ll be used. For instance, an office rug is going to get a lot less wear out of it and dirt dropped on it than a playroom rug so you can afford to select a fancier pattern. Equally true, a playroom rug perhaps needs to be softer than an office rug, as children and adults will be kneeling on it. A plain hand-knotted rug is highly durable and soft, it would be ideal for a playroom. However, a hand-tufted rug allows for ornate patterning and means you can be more creative and you can match the rug to the rest of the room to create a cohesive and professional look.

No matter how durable a rug is, it is inevitable that it is going to have some form of dirt trampled into it. However, not only will professional rug cleaning improve the aesthetics of your Elderslie home or business, but it will also provide you with a number of other benefits. For instance, did you know that a clean rug is better for your health? Rugs trap a number of allergens and bacteria, this means that they aren’t in the air. This is obviously great, but it does mean that they are still lingering in your floor. Perfect Clean can eliminate these for you with our professional rug cleaning, meaning your rug can continue to improve air quality without becoming a hazard in themselves.

The high-powered clean that we offer can also extend the warranty on your rug or carpet. It is very often written in the small print of a rug or carpet purchase that for the warranty to last, you need to have it professionally deep cleaned within a specifically stated time-frame. Being that the products that we use dry quickly in an hour or two, it won’t take long to extend the warranty and life of your rug. A couple of hours work, for years worth of use.

Our professional rug cleaning is highly recommended by Elderslie clients, and it is apparent through our work that we are some of the best in the business. We have over 18 years worth of experience, and the service that we deliver is top-notch. To get yourself started on the journey towards a refreshed space, Perfect Clean’s professional rug cleaning is a fantastic place to start. To book an appointment you can contact us online, or via the phone on 0800 334 5597.

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Carpets So Much Fresher Amazing Job

I contacted this company on recommendation of my
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My carpets look So much fresher. They have done an amazing job!!

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I’ve used this company twice now and they are highly recommended. Fast communication, turn up on time and very professional and pleasant. Great value for money and what a difference on my stairs it literally looks brand new. Please use this company you won’t be disappointed! 😀

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Such an amazing cleaning company, well mannered, professional, quick at what they do, house smells amazing and they got my puppy pee smell away. Amazing would recommend

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